Our Technology

Chiropractic care isn't what it used to be.

Evidenced-based treatment protocols combined with major advances in technology, enables us to treat a wider range of conditions more effectively than ever before.

At Dwyer Chiropractic we pride ourselves in keeping up with current best practice. To help us achieve this, a variety of tools are required.

  • The Impulse IQ adjusting tool uses an accelerometer and a microchip to deliver gentle repetitive motion to a restricted joint. Many patient s prefer this to a manual spinal adjustment.
  • The automated flexion-distraction table uses a programmable electric motor to deliver a smooth and consistent traction force to the lumbar spine. No jolts and jars.
  • The therapeutic laser uses infrared light to deliver energy to the tissues to enable faster healing of an injury. You'll only feel a gentle warming sensation over the area.

All of this in combination with traditional manual therapy means you are more likely to find the right combination that suits you.