Initial Consult • $95

This includes a 30 minute consult and treatment starting on the same day. We don't believe in delaying treatment and we're sure you're keen to get rid of your pain as quickly as possible.

Regular Consult • $75

This is generally a 15-20 minute treatment.

Treatments involve a variety of different approaches depending on your complaint. Generally they include an adjustment, soft tissue therapy, laser, dry needling, flexion distraction and of course advice about how to get you moving better.

Sometimes a regular consult is not enough and it may become and extended consult. In this case a small $10 fee is applied to the normal fee.

We offer a discount for aged pensioners and full time students.

On the spot claim available with your private health fund via HiCaps

We accept:
- DVA (Patients with a referral from your GP)
- EPC (Patients with a referral from your GP)